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Presidential Suite Retreat Option

We’re happy to provide our guests with a full range of post-op services to meet their specific needs at Plush Wellness Retreat.

Cosmetic Post-op retreat location offers a home away from home experience after your cosmetic procedure (plush wellness is not a medical facility or center. Plush Wellness rooms limited persons at a time this allows us to give you the monitoring you deserve (recovery from cosmetic surgery is not easy, allow Plush Wellness to alleviate the burden and stress that comes with aftercare of your love one while recovering) the complete assisted comfort care you require from a knowledgeable professional team, meals catered to promote healing, reliable  transportation services, laundry service and pharmacy delivery services.

*Personal Care at your Hotel of Choice 

Care in your own hotel or Private residence. Included with fee is transportation from surgery, 24 hour assisted care, vital monitoring, bathroom assistant, pharmacy services, education on post-operative care, communicate with family. Must Book Hotel within 15 minutes of your Surgical Center (recommendations available upon request) below for detailed service option

*Cosmetic Private Chauffer Services (if not staying at retreat and need private care)

Luxury Sedan or SUV *Starting @ $250 

*Companion Care while flying back home 

Must Cover Flight Cost *$650 Daily


Additional Services

Massage Therapy starting at $90 for 40 minutes sessions (available for retreat or private location of choice)

IV Hydration starting at $250

Facials starting at $80

 Acupuncture starting at $120


Plush Wellness Retreat 


*Plush Wellness is not a medical facility

*Plush Wellness services is in place to monitor and for you to follow your Doctors discharge instructions.

Care Package includes around the clock care, assisted comfort care assuring your doctor's orders are completely followed. The type of cosmetic post-operative care depends on the type of surgery you have which typically involves pain management (reminders for medication) and wound care instructions, reminders and assistant comfort care throughout your 



What Sets Us Apart

Plush Wellness does not prepare and meals in accordance with the State of Florida statutes and guidelines . 

All meals are Catered Meals for dietary requirements will be met with health concious choices Plush Wellness understands the importance of proper nutrition while you go through your Recovery process. All meals served are

healthy yet fulfilling and we must add delicious! All meals are thoughtfully planned and aids to promote healing.



For your Convenience 

Plush Wellness offers Free Wi-Fi, Netflix and Cable Television as well as other amenities such as cooking demonstrations, city tours, board games, there's exciting thoughtfully planned events held weekly...guests enjoy the highest level of comfort, relaxation and companionship without having to leave your suite. To learn more about our services, keep exploring our site or simply get in touch (complimentary service, times and days vary).


Aesthetic Services  

We’re happy to provide our guests with a full range of services to meet their specific needs. From in suite Massage Therapy to IV Infusion. Plush Wellness offers to a full range of Beauty Service such as Organic Facials, Mink Lashes and so much services are made upon arrival to Miami. (Fee for servicesApproved vendors list 


PRESIDENTIAL PREMIUM SUITE * No Cost plus 1 Companion stay Husband/wife and Moms 

Presidential Suite includes your accommodations, monitoring your day to day, in suite personal items, Laundry service (Recliner, customized meal plan, Basic Recovery Supplies, Free guest stay with meals, comfort care available, nightly turn down service. 
In addition to our great service and amenities all suites offer complimentary WIFI, in suite Satellite TV with all premium channels, aromatherapy diffuser in suite for a deeper relaxation...lastly a tour around Miami once you are up to it.
A deposit of $500
to reserve the Presidential and Double Suite is required. There is LIMITED Presidential Suites available, and reservation is only confirmed after your deposit is made.




*Free WIFI access

*Laundry Service ( Garment Only)

*Smart T.V

*Fresh Juicing 

*Chef Catered Meals

*Facial Service available

*Massage Therapy available daily

* Included classes for your enjoyment 

*Presidential Suite (Private Room and Bath)

( Airport Pickup & Drop-off  provided to Miami International Airport)

(Monday-Friday 9am to 3pm) 

Saturday & Sunday transportation Not available   (Uber/Lyft aprox. $9)

*Post-op Transportation  (2 visits)

*Plush Wellness is not a medical Facility

All Services rendered is through 3rd party vendor and is not an employee or affiliate of Plush Wellness