Start your 6 FIGURES Cosmetic Post-Op Business

Have you ever thought of starting your own Cosmetic Post-Op Business but is not sure where to begin?


Plush Wellness Training Academy will teach you how. Our Training Master Classes are Intense and with only one goal in mind, which is YOUR success! If you are not ready to put in the work or serious about being your own BOSS, we advise that you DO NOT join the class. 

This class is for perfect for 


Allied health Professionals

Or anyone that has a passion for helping others

Entrepreneurship requires work and discipline; however, the rewards are worth it!


Success Loves Speed...what does that mean? 

You will be given clear directions on how to Open, Grow and Scale to 6 figures quickly in your Cosmetic post-op Business. 6 figures can be achieved in as little as 6 months of opening your business however, YOU have to do the work

in-order for it to work. 

This Class is not for everyone!!! 

HOWEVER, if you are ready to INVEST in yourself and take your time back this class is for you. Are you ready to FIRE your boss? Are you ready to control your off days? Are you ready to take those dream trips? Are you ready to get the dream home? Do you want to create generational wealth? Do you want to spend more time with your children? Are you ready to create the life that you always dreamed of than this training is for you!!

If you are reading this far this only tells us one thing... that you are SERIOUS about your future and success 

Congratulations on being one step Closer! 

Facts about Plush Training Academy 

*Our Classes are held only once a month 

*Classes are one full Intense Day 7am-6pm

*Intimate Small Group Classes Only

Enhanced learning = Better outcomes 

*Classes held in Miami, FL 

-integrated virtual group classes available- 

*All teachers have many years 'of experience in niche

What Will You Learn?


Sunset and Palm Trees

Learn and launch your 6 figures

 Cosmetic Post-Op Concierge Business 




Deposit $750

Reserve your Spot

(Limited class size)

Call or email 1.877.447.5874

*Subject line Training



*July 29th, 2022

Miami, FL

September 3rd, 2022




*Business Structure 

*Business Funding 

*Business Credit 

*Cosmetic SX post-op Business Modules breakdown and PROPER ways to execute

*State Regulations 



*Independent Contractors agreements 

*Hotel Client Agreement

*Guest Agreement

*Building Relationships 




*Staff Development 

*Non-medical *Transportation

*Policy and Procedures 


*Guest/client assessment

*Infection Control

*Emergency Response

*Hands on Demonstrations with Live model 


You will walk away from this Class and ready to start your business

-remember it only works if you work-